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Rite of Passage Collection

Life is a process of eternal transformations that take place gradually and subtly: year by year, month by month, day by day, Moon by Moon. Rite of Passage invites us to reflect on the phases of life, the constant changes that happen around us, between us and within us. It is a collection that exudes feelings and honors the past and the ancestral wisdom of women. A rescue to the origins as a way to draw a future. Linen, a primitive fabric that brings back memories and evokes feelings of freshness, sophistication and well-being, presents itself as the protagonist of the collection. A good piece of linen lasts over time, passing from generation to generation.

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Naturaleza Collection

Valônia Véras looks at the tropical flora. Inspiration comes from organic forms, beauty and freshness, translated into timeless pieces. The natural linen, which is a signature of the brand, brings the rustic tone of the collection that presents a retrochic aesthetic, always combining elegance and comfort. A color palette in primary tones completes the warm tropical mood of the collection.

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Memories Collection

Memories collection brings the subtle message of a rescue to the past, valuing our own history and essence. Within the nostalgic atmosphere, the collection is translated through a sober color palette, with the terracotta tone as the protagonist of the collection. The models come with a retro look, but have been revamped in a contemporary chic way. Vintage buttons and embroidery tell the story of the collection.

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Calmaria Collection

We feel how the accelerated flow of information to which we are exposed influences our sensitivity on a daily basis, making us enter a cycle of internal forgetfulness in which we act and live automatically, creating a feeling of emptiness and loneliness. calMARia is an invitation to a reflective look, an inward look, a slow down with a return to nature. Valuing the simple moments and things in life and wearing the relax climate.

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